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About Tom Moore

Tom Moore became an instructor of Doyle Family Irish Stick Fighting under Sifu Glen Doyle in 2010. He has a passion for preserving the legacy of this family style.
Tom began his training in Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate under the guidance of Sensei James Coker in 1988. After attaining his black belt, he began training in various other martial arts. He soon discovered that all martial arts have their merits, and nothing made this more clear then when he began training in the no nonsense street applicable style of Jun Fan Gung Fu taught to him by Sifu Eric Winfree.
Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do encourages students to explore 
other methods of martial arts. Tom explored the mental/behavioral side of self-defense with training in
Blauer Tactical Systems. B.T.S. deals with utilizing your startle/flinch mechanism and natural body instincts to handle conflict. In 2008, Tom became a full instructor in Jun Fan / JKD under Sifu Eric. He opened Synergistic Martial Arts in the spring of that year in the basement of a church. Tom also joined the Francis Fong Instructor Association. He continued exploring the martial arts when in 2009 he was thrilled to discover that there was someone still teaching an authentic Irish Martial Art. He contacted Sifu Glen Doyle, one of the last hereditary stick fighters in the world, began training, and was fortunate enough to become an instructor in the system. Tom began teaching Doyle ISF classes at his
Stick Punch Chin Tom.jpg
school and in 2016 he began teaching full time in a brand new facility.  He continued classes until a global pandemic closed his school in 2019. Tom and his wife decided to follow a long time dream and split their time between Florida and New York. Tom currently offers seminars,private lessons,and coaching courses in Doyle Family Bataireacht.  He continues to promote Irish Stick Fighting wherever and whenever he can.


The Doyle family style is a very effective and aggressive method of Irish Stick Fighting.  It embodies the family motto of “Ever Forward!” . This system was brought to Canada via  Maurice Doyle who settled in the rough and tumble landscape of the Atlantic’s Newfoundland coast.

While most Irish styles used the one-handed methods (much like fencing), the Doyle style evolved from a

one-handed longer range style to a much more

‘close-quarter’ two-handed style when a family member fused the principles of pugilism into the motions of the stick.


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